14 Multiplication Color by Number Templates

Mathematics is often a subject of fear for students, but that does not lessen its importance. It is necessary to teach children mathematics in a simple and interesting way so that they become confident and comfortable with math. Now, infusing colors and multiplication is one such motivating way to keep your kids hooked to math. Continue reading “14 Multiplication Color by Number Templates”

24 Helpful Baby Shower Checklists

Throwing a baby shower is no picnic, especially when are to do that single-handedly. Every minute detail needs to be supervised and taken care of. From designing the house with suitable themes to inviting your guests, the entire episode of arranging a baby shower is hectic, but all your hard work pays off when you see the glowing face of the soon-to-be-mom beaming with joy. Here are some useful checklists that will help you complete the task with much ease. Continue reading “24 Helpful Baby Shower Checklists”

12 Useful Luggage Tag Templates for You

Luggage tags are an essential part that we cannot afford to forget while traveling. Suitcases, trolley bags, and other luggage bags should always have these tags bearing individual’s contact information so that if misplaced, the finder can send them back to their owner. Here are such printable luggage tags which are ready to use. Continue reading “12 Useful Luggage Tag Templates for You”

6 Historical Civil War Crossword Puzzles

The American Civil War is one of the most talked about wars as it left a mark in the world. The battle continued for four years and changed the course of the nation forever. There were several reasons that acted as a catalyst, and the war took place just after Abraham Lincoln had become the president of the nation. There are, of course, various layers to this war and one thing led to another, but one thing was assured that this war would bring some changes which it did. So, wouldn’t it be exciting to find out some interesting facts about this intriguing war? These following crossword puzzles are for that only. Continue reading “6 Historical Civil War Crossword Puzzles”

How to Build a Lego Dragon – 4 Easy Tutorials

Making stuff out of Lego is a great way to keep kids busy, and the colorful blocks also help in mental enhancement. If you’re out of ideas on what to build next, how about a dragon? They look super-cool and can be a fantastic addition to your collection if you’re into keeping the Lego creations as beautiful decorative pieces in your child’s bedroom, or maybe even the drawing room. Continue reading “How to Build a Lego Dragon – 4 Easy Tutorials”

18 Joyous Hanukkah Cards

Hanukkah literally translates into, ‘to dedicate’ in Hebrew. This is one of the biggest Jewish holidays on the Hebrew calendar. It is observed by lighting candles on a unique candelabrum, called a menorah, which has several branches, with one candle being lit every night, progressing to the eighth day, when all the candles are lit. But you must surely know all this! You are here for greeting cards that you can send out to your family and friends on Hanukkah, and greeting cards are what you are about to get. Continue reading “18 Joyous Hanukkah Cards”

14 Printable Thank You Gift Tags

While celebrating special occasions in our life, the spontaneous association of our family and friends make those events even more joyous. Be it a small or a big party, we cherish every bit of it because of their undying love for us and the immense mutual attachment we share. So, thanking them for being a part of those celebrations through these printable gift tags is a good option to showcase your gratitude. Continue reading “14 Printable Thank You Gift Tags”

6 Lovely Printable Valentine Gift Tags

Valentine’s Day is upon us. A day everyone recognizes their love for each other by spending time together and of course, exchanging gifts! Now gift-giving, and more importantly choosing the gift is an art, you really have to get into the mind of the receiver to understand which gift that person will like, and not exchange for store credit. And even after you have chosen the gift, wrapping it in beautiful gift-wrap and topping it off with a lovely gift tag is what is going to complete the whole package. With that in mind, here are some Valentine’s Day themed gift tags to put the cherry on top of the cake. Continue reading “6 Lovely Printable Valentine Gift Tags”

14 Heart-Warming Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Invitations

The preparation for any party starts off with the selection of its theme and rest of the arrangement goes accordingly. So, if you have already decided on “Winnie the Pooh” theme for your sister’s baby shower party, get started with choosing the invitation cards enlisted here. Continue reading “14 Heart-Warming Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Invitations”

28 Great Boss’s Day Cards

Bosses are the ones who have to inspire and encourage you to do that thing you think you cannot do. They keep pushing the people under them and take them to a different height. October 16th of every year is Boss’s day, and on this one day of the year at least, people acknowledge everything good about their bosses, no matter how difficult it might feel like. Continue reading “28 Great Boss’s Day Cards”