50 Beautiful Slumber Party Invitations

A slumber party or sleepover is the coolest way to enjoy a night with friends. Essentially a cozy party, with endless gossip, music, and food, a pajama party invitation should also be as casual as the occasion itself. So, if your kids are willing to throw a slumber party, help them make some amazing invites with the help of the following. Continue reading “50 Beautiful Slumber Party Invitations”

6 Mind-Blowing Summer Crossword Puzzles

Summer is the season of fun and happiness cherished by all. While there are lots of beach outings, sun basking, and outdoor brunch parties to attend, you can also indulge in some indoor activities along with your family to turn boring afternoons into entertaining ones. Solving summer themed crossword puzzles is one such fun task where you can involve your kids to enhance their vocabulary over their summer holidays. Continue reading “6 Mind-Blowing Summer Crossword Puzzles”

9 Free Lion King Baby Shower Invitations

A baby shower is a pre-celebration of a child’s birth by soon-to-be parents. To make this day even more special, couples opt for innovative themes for their party. And what can be better than a Disney theme, Lion King to be exact, for a baby shower? Here are some invitation cards infused with a spirit of the Disney classic for you. Continue reading “9 Free Lion King Baby Shower Invitations”

Printable NFL Playoff Brackets

The NFL playoffs are that part of the sports calendar that most fanatics wait for throughout the year. As is well-known, the tournament ends with possibly the biggest single event of sports anywhere in the world, the Super Bowl. How do teams reach that final bit of competition? Sometimes it becomes necessary to keep a record of which team is doing well, and which ones are not really setting the tourney on fire. Here is a collection of blank brackets that you can use to keep track of everything a team is doing during the big competition. Continue reading “Printable NFL Playoff Brackets”

12 Cool Mad Hatter Tea Party Invitations

Are you running out of ideas for a theme for your upcoming tea party? Consider “The Alice in Wonderland” and The Hatter’s tea party attended by Alice in the book. In the following list, there are printable tea party invitation cards based on The Hatter and his friends. Just delve into the collection before making any selection. Continue reading “12 Cool Mad Hatter Tea Party Invitations”

Sixteen 4th of July Word Search Puzzles

Independence Day, the 4th of July, a day Americans overflow with patriotism and are filled with pride for the great nation. Some may choose to spend the day out with friends; some may want to light up the backyard grill, while others may just want to have some simple nostalgic fun, solving a word search puzzle. Continue reading “Sixteen 4th of July Word Search Puzzles”

10 Printable Index Cards

Index cards are a necessary part of anyone’s life who wants to note down the important and also the not-so-important aspects lest they forget about it later. It is a good habit to have, and while it might not always be possible to go out to get a bunch of index cards, you can always get them printed from your computer. Continue reading “10 Printable Index Cards”

20 Thanksgiving Word Searches

One day of the year when we’re officially thankful for everything we receive from the universe. With that in mind, we have compiled a bunch of word searches based on this special day. Take your pick and get cracking on finding these words. Most of these are pretty straightforward, but then there are some that’ll need you to look closely. Continue reading “20 Thanksgiving Word Searches”

46 of the Best Printable Daily Planner Templates

Planning what to do well before you actually do it is an important aspect of life. Whether you are a school or college student, a teacher, an executive at a big firm or a businessperson, plan out your life, or at least your day so that all the scheduled tasks go off without a hitch. Continue reading “46 of the Best Printable Daily Planner Templates”