28 Free Printable Mazes for Kids and Adults

Mazes are the kind of brainteasers that anybody can take a swing at. Come home from work and before you retire to bed, solving a maze is an inexpensive and fun way to keep the brain sharp. Your kids will love these too; it’s a good leisurely activity for them for the most part. Continue reading “28 Free Printable Mazes for Kids and Adults”

20 Fun Printable Christmas Crossword Puzzles

Let’s get into that holiday mood, shall we! Following are some crossword puzzles that will keep your kids busy; mental exercise is always good for them. In fact, even you can get in some of the fun as there are some crosswords here that will have you scratching your head. Continue reading “20 Fun Printable Christmas Crossword Puzzles”

16 Awesome Printable Halloween Party Invitations

Halloween is just around the corner and our commitments all day long sometimes gets in the way of getting that perfect Halloween invitation to send to our loved ones, that can really incite the feeling of anticipation. Here are some great Halloween invitation templates – just go ahead, take your pick! Continue reading “16 Awesome Printable Halloween Party Invitations”

Origami Tutorial: How to Make a Paper Boomerang

Boomerangs are originally native to Australia, where it has been used by the aboriginals for hunting in the years gone by; nowadays this contraption is used more as a sport and for entertainment in general. We will now begin an easy pictorial origami guide on how to make your very own paper boomerang. Continue reading “Origami Tutorial: How to Make a Paper Boomerang”

Make It Monday: DIY Dream Teething Ring

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This is a really easy and simple tutorial to make a teething ring for your baby. The rope edges and wooden ring are great for a teething baby. The duo toned colors give it some interest- feel free to add more colors or string in beads like a dream catcher. In all it took about 10 minutes to make and costs only a couple bucks in materials. Continue reading “Make It Monday: DIY Dream Teething Ring”