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14 Best Disney Movie Posters for Kids

Apart from reading books and playing with friends, kids spend time watching different movies during their free time. In most cases, parents let their children watch animated cartoon films for entertainment. While some live-action features are great for kids, choosing the animated versions—like Paw Patrol or Barbie—becomes the first choice among families.

With many options for children, having one movie favorite is quite difficult. Hence, some toddlers choose all movie characters for their clothing, bags, and shoes. Right now, Pixar movies or Disney Pixar films are popular among kids. And if they want to have an art deco poster in their bedroom, this article is perfect for you. So, we’ve collated various classic (original) and reimagined (new) versions of your kids’ favorite Disney movies, and the templates are easy to print.

A Whole New World With Disney

For nearly a century, Walt Disney Animation Studios has produced countless films that honor fairy tales, human emotion, fictional cities, and wonderful people. Since its commencement in 1923, the company has collaborated with dozens of other organizations to create masterpieces. According to Statista’s Disney report, the company’s revenue worldwide reached $65.39B in 2020. In fact, during the turn of the 21st century, the animation studio rakes in more than $30B every year. The studio’s innovative and heartwarming films have touched millions of people worldwide.

When kids want movie posters on their bedroom walls or cool bathroom decoration, getting one would be easy. Instead of rummaging through the Internet for minimalist designs or whatnot, this article will provide the best posters for your children. Choose the ones you like below.

Best Disney Movie Posters for Kids

Frozen (2013)

source: pinterest.com

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

source: davidgferrero.com

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Alladin (1992)

source: io9.gizmodo.com

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Bambi (1942)

source: fanpop.com

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One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1996)

source: buzzfeed.com

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The Little Mermaid (1989)

source: pinterest.com

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Coraline (2009)

source: oldskull.net (via: Karl James Mountfor)

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Written by well-known novelist Neil Gaiman, Coraline involves a young girl who explores another world where everyone had buttons for their eyes. Although a children’s flick, some may categorize this feature film as one of the must-watch spooky Halloween movies of all time. This reimagined version of the original poster pays homage to the delicate world where Coraline lived.

The Lion King (1994)

source: upgradedpoints.com

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The Incredibles (2004)

source: reddit.com

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WALL-E (2008)

source: minimalmovieposters.tumblr.com

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WALL-E tugs at the hearts of viewers because of its quirky electronic self and indestructible buddy cockroach. This machine served as a recycling tool before the Earth was plunged into indescribable garbage. Overall, the movie talks about hope in humanity and love for self—also anything is possible if your heart is set to do it. This reimagined version of the original poster shows WALL-E and Eve, the main protagonists of the film.

Coco (2017)

source: buzzfeed.com

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Lady and the Tramp (1955)

source: vintagecottagehome.blogspot.com

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Up (2009)

source: pinterest.com

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Highly regarded as one of the sweetest and saddest animated movies in 2009, Up features old Mr. Fredricksen and young Russell as they set off for “Paradise Falls.” While on that journey, the duo encounters mishaps and other events. The Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures teamed up for this heartwarming film. This reimagined printable template showcases the goal of Mr. Fredricksen—completing a dream he had with his late wife.

Cars (2006)

source: buzzfeed.com

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How to Decorate Your Room With Movie Posters

From Mary Poppins to Beauty and the Beast, Disney has an array of movie titles that suit different settings and people. Besides Frozen birthday celebrations and Snow White picnic events, having movie posters is an easy way of remembering these cute animated characters. Hence, we offer some tips on how to decorate your room with Disney posters.

Aside from watching the Disney channel, kids also enjoy accessorizing their rooms with their favorite things. Rather than action figures or owl masks, kids can enjoy looking at movie posters around their room. So, here are the tips you can use when making the changes.

Know the Measurements and Colors of the Room

Before you start printing the canvas, you have to determine the measurements of the room. Importantly, you have to know the color scheme of your child’s bedroom. In this way, you avoid placing contrasting colors that are distracting to the eye. For example, if the walls are yellow, you can choose black, white, or light green as the movie poster’s colorful border theme design for the room.

Create a Tentative Design

When you have the dimensions and colors, you should select a tentative design that matches the outline of the room. Of course, you have to talk to your children first before deciding on anything. After all, they’ll be the ones staying in the room. If they have a preferred Disney character, you should find a sample that’s complementary to your kid’s bedroom.

Choose a Movie Poster Version

After it’s settled, you should begin browsing the templates to find the right template. Some movie posters are grander than others, so choose the ones that make your child leap with glee. If possible, download as many options for them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Disney Movie Posters for Kids

What sizes should the movie posters be when I print them?

The sizes of the movie posters depend on your preference. While some posters look better in a smaller dimension, others would look excellent in larger prints. For instance, you can print the template as stickers if your kids love tiny paper sheets. When they prefer room posters, you can change the dimensions.

Can I automatically print the templates after downloading them?

No, you have to first extract the files. Since it’s on a zip file, you have to move them to the downloads folder. After extracting the files, you can open the document and click the print button. When printing is not available, you can copy the files to your USB, and go to the printing shop.

Can I have black and white movie posters instead of bright ones?

While black and white posters are exciting to look at, choosing that option would ruin the quality of these templates. These movie posters should be printed with colors to see their beauty. With colored prints, you can appreciate the shades and shapes highlighted in these templates.

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