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20 Artistic Luau Birthday Invitations

A luau-themed birthday party calls for unlimited fun. Think of beautiful flowery costumes, hula hooping, dances and exciting water games. The invitations for the party should be in-line with the celebrations reflecting its inherent charm. The below collection could give you ideas on creating uber cool invites that leave a lasting impression on the receiver’s mind who would find it difficult to forget the date. 

Free Printable Luau Birthday Party Invitations

The images in this section could inspire you to design awesome invitations. You could even use them as templates by editing them in MS Paint or Photoshop to customize them to your personal details. They carry pictures of girls and boys in Hawaiian attire, coconut trees, the beach, fruity drinks, and a bright sun among others, all giving you the inklings of what to expect at the upcoming luau themed celebration.

Birthday Luau Invitations
Free Printable Luau Birthday Invitations
Girl Luau Birthday Party Invitations
Hawaiian Luau Birthday Party Invitations
Luau Birthday Invitation
Kids Luau Birthday Invitations
Luau Birthday Invitations
Luau Birthday Invites
Luau Birthday Party Invitation
Luau Birthday Party Invitations
Luau Girl Birthday Party Invitations
Luau Themed Birthday Invitations

A baby’s first birthday is always special. As your mind becomes occupied with taking care of the smallest details of the party, you can relax about the invitation card part as the below two printables convey the message of the luau creatively.

Baby First Birthday Party Free Luau Invitations to Print
Baby Luau Birthday Invitations
Luau 1st Birthday Invitations
Luau Birthday Invitations Templates
Luau Birthday Party Invitations for Adults
Luau Birthday Party Photo Invitations
Luau Boy Birthday Invitations
Minnie Mouse Luau Birthday Invitations

For a personal touch, you could add the photos of the birthday boy or girl to the invites. Disney fans would love to have Mickey and Minnie in Hawaiian costumes inviting them to a luau party. If you are more of a Despicable Me person, you could have the Minions doing the same. Apart from the pattern, you could also get some whacky wording and saying ideas from the above downloadable invitations. Let them spread smiles as you tick off your guest list.

For luau party invitation printables in general and for other occasions apart from birthday, you can check out our article on luau invitations.

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